This product contains 10 ml. oil, 5% – 500mg. Phytocannabinoids
Hemp oil extract, organic hemp seed oil and phytocannabinoids
Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, E

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Our hemp oil extract is created from some of the best organically grown hemp in Europe, Greenboozt hemp oil extract is one of the highest quality organic hemp oils on the market today. A mix of organically grown hemp and the latest discoveries in the laboratory ensures that Greenboozt products are of the highest standards.

All of our oils are 100% natural and organic. We do not allow the use of any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified products or growth hormones are used anywhere in our production process, it’s just pure nature!

All of our hemp oil extract is lab tested. We test the oils for, cannabinoids content, contaminants, dangerous bacteria, mould and funguses, to ensure both safety and quality for our customer.

All of our products are kosher friendly, vegan and lactose-free.


5% – 500mg. Phytocannabinoids
This product contains 10 ml. oil
Hemp oil extract, organic hemp seed oil and phytocannabinoids
Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, E

Dosage recommendation:

5% (each drop is containing: 2.08mg. of CBD = 10-15 drops a day / start with 6 in the morning and 6 before bed


Organic hemp seed oil decarboxylated hemp oil (Decarboxylation is a process that removes a carboxyl group from a molecule and turns all acidic phytocannabinoids into non-acidic phytocannabinoids).

Phytocannabinoids that are naturally occurring in cannabis are in an acidic form.
Decarboxylation takes place by two very simple things: Heat and time.

The oil is free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy solvents and other toxic substances.

This product contains 10 ml. hemp oil extract, there will be under 0.1% THC content in this product.

See this product laboratory test here.


Hemp oil extract is not psychoactive. This oil is made of non-psychoactive cannabinoid and it will not get you high in any way.

We do not make any medical claims – Our products are food supplements, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Please refer to our general terms and conditions here.